Nanowrimo Chronicles

Script Frenzy Chronicles 2009: Day #8

I’ve got to say that I’m on page schedule but it’s all full of CRAP. OMGOSH. I seriously declare, this should be the last time I’ll be writing without a solid plan of some sorts. It’s driving me crazy, seriously. UGH. The snippets don’t even fit that well anymore after piecing it all together.

So I’m just sitting here, propped up against the marble table of my dining room, trying to force out a story sequence on index cards while listening to Hans Zimmer. Believe me, if you’re writing Spy thriller stories, he’s good. And if anyone doesn’t know who Hans Zimmer is, he’s the guy behind the Pirates of the Caribbean, The Dark Knight and many other great blockbuster soundtracks.

If you ask my opinion though, I think Casino involved movies should have Lady Gaga in their soundtracks and Comic book heroes should hear something by Faktion.

Going for an Esplanade Library Lone Write In tomorrow. Anyone game?

Statistically speaking, Lady Una stands at 36/100 pages.

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