Nanowrimo Chronicles

Script Frenzy Chronicles 2009: Day #5

Today sees productive enough writing. I find that I’m seriously going out every day of the week for at least 2 – 3 hours and it kills my write time when I know I have something going on in my head on that day. Ugh. My massive mouth ulcer isn’t helping either. Boo. But I digress.

I’m going to talk about writerly places.

For different people, different places bring off different vibes. Personally speaking, I concentrate on my writing best in the CBD area (Raffles Place, Clarke Quay, City Hall, Esplanade etc…) because of all the metropolitan surroundings (Not only because my stories end up happening around there as well *looks around innocently*). Though I realised that there are a few constant factors that writers take to account while looking for a great place (other than home) to write:

  • Free and stable Wireless
  • Endless supply of power plugs
  • Cool environment (Not necessarily air-conditioning)
  • Stable Tables and empty corners
  • FOOD!!! (Okay, this is not a must but we usually end up in F&B places anyways)

In the end it narrows it down to a few places, my personal favourites add up to be earshot @ The Arts House, Geek Terminal, the National Library and this one because I just realised how swanky it can be, especially for manual writing: library@esplanade. Especially in the evenings. The muses just pour in like no one’s business.

That being said, Lady Una finally has its direction, I just need to write. Good.

Statistically speaking, Lady Una has 16/100 pages and the Robin’s at 792/ 3,000 words. I have no idea how to rush out the 2,200 odd words tomorrow.

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