Nanowrimo Chronicles

Script Frenzy Chronicles 2009: Day #4

Ovaltine + Old Fashioned Sugar Crackers + Full battery + Upright, comfortable table + Opened Files in order + Playlist = I AM READY.

Been battling an irritating mouth ulcer, intense heat, heat caused headaches and drowsiness for the whole day. Finally managed to log on here, with a list of character relations that will help my script’s direction and I find out that…


The HSWG’s Sci Fi Round Robin reached me. Great! Now I have a legitimate excuse to stay up late at the kitchen table and use it incessantly for my writing. Thanks Sarah. HAHA.

I’m not pissed today. I’m just very busy. So don’t bug me. Thanks.

Statistically speaking, Lady Una still has 13 out of 100 pages. The Sci Fi Round Robin has 0/ 3,000 words

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