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Script Frenzy Chronicles 2009: Day #1

Omgosh it’s a morning blog!

And it set it up in a totally morning mood, my head’s still drowsy, my neck’s a little stiff, I’m still playing Mafia Wars/ Special Forces/ Heroes vs. Villains or whatever game I’m into now on Facebook and I’m bleeding from a zit I just popped. I know you’re not supposed to do that but I couldn’t help it, it was distracting my muse space.

Right. Script Frenzy started 10 hours and 34 minutes (and counting) ago and yes, I opened my Celtx (script writing software) about 2 minutes before. I had to delete a few files before starting it clean. So once it struck midnight, first thing I did was, no, not write like crazy. I twittered. I’m so ashamed.

Twittering moments didn’t last though. Barely five minutes into the new day, I was already done with the first page. The cover page, duh! Celtx rocks. Seriously. If there are any scriptwriting buffs out there who are fed up with Word’s unwillingness to co-operate in terms of format, you can download Celtx for free on their site ( or just click here.

Right, I keep promoting stuff and talking about the frivolousness of things I get off topic. Crap. Okay, script that I’m writing this year is a Screenplay. Title’s “Lady Una”  but I have no idea how it’s going to go whatsoever. It is, however, confirmed to be a crime/ spy fiction story. A little bit like “I’m-going-against-the-Mafia-but-the-authorities-are-after-me-too” kind of vigilante story. I would say that a Comic Book is probably more suited for this but I can’t draw to save my life.

So while I’ve rambled on long enough about the wee hours of the morning and the process of writing for the first day, I’m gonna scoot and stay tuned for later posts!

Statistically Speaking, Lady Una stands at 6 out of 100 pages.

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