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Book Bites: NLB’s Legal Deposit Seminar and Other Things

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The Legal Deposit Showcase 2009, organised by the Singapore National Library Board (NLB) went on at The Pod, National Library yesterday.

Arrived at the NLB at about 3.52 pm and got ushered and registered by 4.04 pm. Had to go via this private elevator for invited guests only. Most people here consisted of Publishers, Self-Publishers (mostly non-fiction, serials, periodicals) and Library staff. Made sense. Legal Deposit and content donation was mostly done by publishers and donors.

Speeches and stuff started only at about 4.30 pm, not very eventful between the time I was registered and when the speech started though. Most of them went away quickly in their own groups or sat in corners, reading whatever was given in the informational pack that was on the seats. Speechwise, it was mostly the Director giving her rundown of what was about to be covered later on (Process of Legal Deposit, DNet for digital content etc…).

Just to sum it up, Legal Deposit is mainly for the preservation of publications for future generations. It consists of the issuing of ISBN (that 11 or 13 digit number you guys see on books) and it goes for archival and stuff. Something that’s compulsory for all publications published and created in Singapore. Important information for self-publishers, publishers and writers to know. More details here.

But aside from the rundown of the seminar itself, which was mostly meant for its informative purpose, the rest of the day was spent at the library@esplanade, doing scene and speech snippets for Script Frenzy. Apparently, I have yet to recover from Creative Insanity. However, I did learn quite a few things about myself:

  1. I work really well when the writing platform is of the perfect height. (I’m 5’5″ with a slightly longer torso so regualr tables can be a tad too low.)
  2. Quiet, breezy locations at night = Inspiration for continuous writing.
  3. I realised that I seriously looked smashing yesterday, yes, you can see yourself through the glass at the library@esplanade. Their light sources are somewhat built like that.

Right, I added the last point for the fun of it. Script Frenzy starts in less than 2 hours. So don’t get in the panic!!

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