Eternal Sights; Spotted Mind

Eternal Sights; Spotted Mind: Maybe it’s a writer thing

Eternal Sights

And it’s neither Script Frenzy or NaNoWriMo just yet. Just to tell you what’s going on, here’s the synch on what’s going on:

Joelyn Alexandra: What do you call a writer’s risk when she decides to throw everything away and do something totally out yet similar?
Raven Silvers:
Creative Insanity.
Joelyn Alexandra: Good. At least I’m not sick.

Whether I turn out sick or not it’s entirely up to perspective but as you can see, I’ve already taken down all posts regarding my current works because I seriously do not want to be tied down to anything at the moment. To be honest, sometimes you get so crapped up about what to do next in your work just the thought of continuing it in an obligatory fashion just makes you want to shriek. (I quote that phrase from Nigella Lawson).

I’ll be taking a risk or so when Script Frenzy comes and it does sound crazy for someone who can’t write without a plan to just throw away her plan just 2 days before the whole marathon starts. Oh well.

That aside, I’ll be attending a seminar at the National Library regarding Legal Deposit for Rozen, who’s away in Northern Ireland. Stay tuned =).

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