Hiatus Report

I know it sounds weird but this is what pretty much happened during the mini-hiatus of this site. I’ve been doing stuff. Lots of stuff. Not exactly physically, but mostly in my head. I’m having those internal artistic fights again. Which sucks. But still, I’m looking at the conclusion of it and I like what I see. So it’s not THAT bad:

  • I’ve changed the plot for No.1’s series, Sub Rosa…
  • Resulting in my editing of these blog posts:
  1. No.1
  2. Non Spoiler Sneak Peek
  3. Character Interviews

So yes, I’m still writing. Pushing myself to do so when necessary. Like before, should you have any queries of my works, my writing or just comments, drop a comment or email joelyn.alexandra@gmail.com.

Other than side, take care, have a nice day, pay your bills and I’ll see you the next post.

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