Never really thought that it would seem so but yes, I’m going for a mini-hiatus at the moment. Mainly because I’ve been incredibly busy with a whole lot of stuff (school registration, extra classes, bla bla bla etc…). At the moment I’m going through the questions sent to me regarding the Character Interviews. For more information, you can check it out here. I’m still open to questions for my characters, so if you’ve got any, just post a comment here or email joelyn.alexandra@gmail.com.

But while I take my mini break from this site, feel free to look around for something that might interest you. Here’s what you can expect when I’m done with the break:

  • Character Interviews
  • Script Frenzy updates
  • Novel Sneak Peeks
  • Other stuff I get up to during my Literary Adventures…

Like I said, have fun, don’t hate and should you have any views or queries, feel free to drop a comment or email joelyn.alexandra@gmail.com.

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