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Book Bites: Script Frenzy is upon us!

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And so have my commentaries for the Prologue and the 1st 3 Chapters of No.1 (Much thanks to Notkieran & Rozen). To give a quick update, both of them have somewhat similar comments, telling me that the style that the 1st 3 Chapters of No.1 was written in probably suited a film a lil more because it needed a number of visual cues. To be honest, I have to agree. I seem to have this habit of making my novels movie friendly, so print to screen doesn’t prove to be much of a headache, not that I’m desperately hoping for it to be a movie. Cripes. I don’t mind if it does though. HAH.

Hence, the next course of action that I decided to take was to put the manuscript aside and take the whole story of it to the operation table for Script Frenzy. I know this is going to sound weird but yes, I’m writing No.1’s Screenplay first. Before I take it apart again and fill in the details in novel form.

You could say I’m taking advantage of the timing and stuff. After all, it’s only another 30 days to Script Frenzy (100 pages of Script in 30 days) and I’m quite geared up about it.

So we’ll see how this goes as March plunges No.1 into Screen Planning instead of Novel Writing. There will definitely be excerpts and probably a few scene peeps here and there. So stay tuned for any planning polls and sneak peeks!

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