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Book Bites: Happy Smiley Writers’ Group Update #2

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Date: 21st February 2009
Time: 2 – 5 p.m.
Location: Geek Terminal
Attendance: 7 (Sarah, Mintea, Raven Silvers, Notkieran, Rozen, Priya, from Jacaranda & Myself)

And another month flies past us. So far we’ve sent stuff (synopses, 1st 3 chapters and whatever nots) to each other, waiting for commentaries and suggested edits. Started off with pouring rain and myself getting a lil wet from the slight drizzle while I ran between an unsheltered gap of a few metres. After that however, ended up seeing Sarah and her brolly before heading to GT, where Mintea and Raven Silvers were already.

This session was a little bit more productive where you had the people tossing ideas and comments across the table because everyone else more or less knows what each other is already writing. Hence, more stuff to talk about during the session. Aside from the crap we never ever seem to run out off.

But I’d say that the highlight of this meeting was not really the various discussions on each other’s manuscripts, nor the various attacks on what teachers are up to and stuff. But rather, it was quite focussed on the fact that Priya, a literary agent from Jacaranda, came to talk to us about the agent side of the business, and offered roads and opportunities for the writers to submit their manuscripts (Synopses & 1st 3 Chapters at least) so that these literary works can find their way to the commercial presses and international publishers if possible. If you ask me, it’s something pretty exciting.

Rozen came at about 3 p.m. as well, and had a long chat with Priya. You know you’re definitely going somewhere when you’re mixing with people from different aspects of the industry you’ve come to love and know so well.

The meeting itself ended great in my opinion. It’s been a long while since I’ve had discussions like these since the last HSWG. Talking mostly about the Industry Briefing of the Singapore Writers Festival 2009 and what’s to come and HSWG’s plan for it. Plus a “How to get your things ready before submission” workshop planned next month. So things are getting into good shape for everyone. Finally, things are solidifying!

It’s coming along good. I should be able to get into editing mode by May.

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