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Book Bites: Unofficial Write-In & Update

Book Bitse

They say that it’s easier to get the creative juices flowing quickly and smoothly when you’re left alone to think. But I’d say it’s more fun and inspiring when you are doing it all in a group of like-minded people. Last night’s unofficial Write-In at ArtZine editor, Valerie’s place was quite a fruitful session, sending No.1 to the potter’s wheel and shaping it up quite distinctively.

So at the moment, No.1 is just a couple a chapters away from the completion of its 3rd book within the novel. This means I can look forward to finish writing the whole thing pretty soon. Planning will always been the headache. Writing according to plan is an entirely different thing.

’til the next post. Will be blogging soon again regarding HSWG (Happy Smiley Writers Group) #2 and a lil literary tour which I’d be going for soon. Ciao!

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