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Book Bites: Singapore Writers Fest Sharing Session

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So yes, it was done yesterday and might I say it got me really excited. Not just personally but also for the Happy Smiley Writers’ Group! But briefly speaking, the session itself was quite informative, giving us some sort of a sneak peek to the Singapore Writers Fest 2009 that’s going to be happening towards the end of this year. So nope, am not revealing anything until something is set in stone.

That aside, attendance was pretty good ranging from Writers to Literary Agents to Publishers and what not. The National Arts Council’s Literary Arts Division was present together with the Steering Committee for the festival itself. All things considered it was pretty informative, especially for a person who always felt that sharing sessions were dominantly just one person speaking. So for me, this was a pretty good experience.

The other thing that was probably of interest would be the NAC’s announcement of the Arts Creation Fund. Something worth looking into if you’re thinking of taking time off work or whatever it is to work on your very own original creation. More information of these funds and grants can be found in their website.

But just to the people of the Happy Smiley Writers’ Group, we’ve got a couple of Literary Agents from Jacaranda interested in meeting our group, kinda to give us an insight about what the Publishing Agent’s side is like. You guys can go check out their website as well.

So yes, that’s the update so far regarding the upcoming SWF 2009. Personally I’m quite interested in how it will turn out this year so stay tuned for it =).

For those who want to know, at the moment, No.1 is done with it’s first section. More updates on it coming soon.

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