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Book Bites: Singapore Writers Festival ’09 Pre-Session Prep

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The organiser of this year’s Singapore Writers Festival, the National Arts Council (NAC), has opened up a sharing session with its Literary Arts Division regarding the events to expect in this year’s fest (24th October 2009 – 1st November 2009).

Hence, this is probably what the sharing session is going to cover:

  • Events and information pertaining to the Singapore Writers Festival 2009.
  • New schemes initiated by NAC this year.
  • Possibly a Question & Answer thing going on as well.

Information emailed to me by our Nano ML, Sarah Coldheart. So yeah, I’m going for the Nanowrimos in Singapore. So peeps, if there’s anything you would like to find out about the sharing session and stuff, feel free to contact me at Or just leave a comment for this post.

Stay tuned for the update on the sharing session itself!

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