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Book Bites: Writer’s Dilemma

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I think most writers will come to a point where a great idea comes and it’s just too good to be put aside and written another day but I think there’s also a time where you feel that the current idea you’re working on is something worth going with.

I’m having one of those moments.

In fact, it has been bugging me for weeks on end now. So to make things simple, explaining the whole nonsense of a dilemma out here, I would just say this:

Shortly after the completion of NaNoWriMo 2008, with the Manuscript of Denim & Kevlar in hand, I watched The Dark Knight, as made popular by the late Heath Ledger who played The Joker in that movie, but I digress. So, after watching that fantastically well-crafted piece, sparks flew in my head. AGAIN. What a fine time.

So now, I’m stuck between two cliffs. The Denim & Kevlar series already has its pilot, which I’m painstakingly trying to tear apart and put together again. HAH. The Colonies series, which is the great idea too good to put aside and write later, is already halfway through its planning stage and has a certain direction in terms of sequels and series.

At the moment now, I’m going through what I would call the Writer’s Dilemma. I am at crossroads about which one to concentrate on for the long run. At least, until I get something.

But until I get something, I guess I’m going to let it rest for the moment.

I’ll update you guys soon. I hope.

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