“About this Blog”

“The Blanket Fortress is not only a symbol of protection, but also of comfort and imagination. An essential aspect of childhood, retreating into your blanket fortress is to retreat into your own world and letting your mind take over.”  

The Blanket Fortress is often a place of comfort and safety. Staying in this metaphorical blanket fortress of mine, I intend to explore the three main aspects that have made themselves major parts of my life – Locked Psyches, Dystopian Experiences, and Life Adventures.

Locked Psyches focusses on my literary adventures – muse moments, book launches, and exploring the mysteries of whatever fiction I happen to come across and quill down. Post categories under here include Next-in-Reading (Book reviews & analysis) and Book Bites (Literary events). From time to time, Muse Moments (spurts of writing) and my Wattpad with shorts I’ve been working on will be updated as well.

Dystopian Experiences talks about the parallel universes I end up finding myself in – via the medium of analog and casual gaming. This includes my hobby blog, Blanket Fortress Play (analog gaming & gift crafting).

Life Adventures covers the deeper thoughts I have about my life and the things going on around it, nicely sealed with a wax phoenix. Post categories under here include Decode: Adventure & Museum Escapades (Food, Museums, and Adventures with the Crew), Signal Boost (As it is named), Eternal Sights; Spotted Mind (while I wax lyrical), and Updates (on what I’ve been doing in general).

“About Joelyn Alexandra”

Locked Psyches. Dystopian Experiences. Life Adventures.

Apart from books and analog games, Joelyn also finds comfort and interest in life adventures – food, gift-crafting, museums, and travel. You can find out more about what she’s writing, playing, or where she’s adventuring @joelynalexandra or http://joelynalexandra.wordpress.com/.

Joelyn is available for reviews, advertorials, readings, and presentations. For her portfolio or more details, contact her at joelyn.alexandra@gmail.com or check out her bibliography under “Works” on her blog.

Also, the blanket fortress is a metaphor!

~ Joelyn Alexandra

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